Perth Test & Tag Legislation

All Australian businesses are required to provide and maintain a safe working environment OH&S Act 1984 –Sect 19.

WorkSafe has provided the public with a guide to direct the way in which WA businesses conduct their electrical safety. Australian Businesses are required to adopt AS/NZS 3012, which is referred to in OH&S Reg. 3.61, 3.62, 3.63.

Regulations 3.60, 3.61, 3.62, and 3.63 review the OH&S laws regarding Construction and Demolition sites. Electrical equipment must be tested and tagged too be used on these sites to ensure electrical safety is of a high standard.

MSI regulation 5.27 explains the need for electrical safety and maintenance on mining sites and the requirement for quarterly testing and tagging.

Regulations 3.60 and 4.37 referrers to all other workplaces and the OH&S responsibility to provide and maintain a safe electrical workplace, through testing, checking and inspecting the electrical equipment

AS/NZS 3760 is the standard that business must follow to be completely compliant to their electrical OH&S obligations.

Systems All Safe endeavour to assist you in providing this OH&S’s compliance and a safe workplace. We will do this through thorough a Perth test and tag service, detailed reports, and a continuous maintenance schedule.

WorkSafe’s guide to testing and tagging and Perth test and tag legislation can be found here to help assist your workplace.

Below is a table from AS/NZS 3760:2010 for Perth test and tag requirements for different work environments; this is from Sai Global and is to be used as a guide to Australian test and tag standards.

Construction, Mining and Manufacture industries must follow the colour code table shown below for testing and tagging compliance.

  • RED
  • BLUE