Fire Equipment Sales and Services

WorkSafe states that businesses must: regularly maintain the efficiency of portable fire extinguishers to control any fire likely to arise from the work being done at the

fire ext 3 - New for websiteworkplace; and ensure that portable fire extinguishers are located and distributed at the workplace in accordance with AS 2444.

Fire Extinguishers must also be located in the workplace near goods and materials which in the event of a fire are likely to burn with extreme rapidity, emit poisonous fumes or cause explosions or if there is a risk of harm or injury to a person at the workplace resulting from the goods or materials being ignited.

Systems All Safe will ensure that your Fire equipment test and tag is conducted to its requirements, which includes Extinguishers being compliant to the Australian Standards through the required 6 monthly fire equipment test and tag inspections.  This will include checking the dates, pressures and content level to ensure they are sufficient to comply with AS 2444, and the work environment.

Fire equipment test and tag services including supplying portable fire equipment is a passion of Systems All Safe’s, we can supply portable fire equipment for your businesses or home. Contact us today, to talk about what will be best for you. We stock all fire extinguishers and other portable fire equipment.

Fire Extinguishers we Supply:


  • ABE 1.0kg Ext – 1A:20B:E
  • fire ext website combinedABE 1.5kg Ext – 2A:30B:E
  • ABE 2.5kg Ext – 3A:40B:E
  • ABE 4.5kg Ext – 4A:60B:E
  • ABE 9.0kg Ext – 6A:80B:E


  • 2.0kg CO2 Ext – 2B:E
  • 3.5kg CO2 Ext – 5B:E
  • 5.0kg CO2 Ext – 5B:E


  • 2.0L Wet Chemical Ext – Wall Bracket 2A:3Ffire-blanket
  • 9.0L AFFF Foam Ext – Wall Bracket 3A:20B
  • 9.0L Air Water Ext – Wall Bracket 3A

Fire Blankets

    • 1.0×1.0m Fire Blanket
    • 1.2×1.8m Fire Blanket

Our Fire Equipment Test and Tag, Sales and Services are cheaper than you think, call us today for a quote.