First Aid Kits are essential for initial response to injuries or sickness. OH&S 3.12 requires employers to provide first aid facilities. Systems All Safe has found that many of these first aid facilities are not maintained.

If a first aid facility is not maintained correctly, when an incident occurs the correct supplies will not be available. This occurs due to the lack of First Aid Kit refurbishment.

The First Aid Kit refurbishment service provided by Systems All Safe will ensure that when an item is used it will be replaced. Some of the items in First Aid Kits have use by dates. Systems All Safe will ensure that these items are checked and replaced to ensure that certain supplies do not harm individuals due to ‘out of date chemicals’.

Each time Systems All Safe tests & tags your electrical appliances/equipment we will talk to you about maintaining your First Aid Kit supplies. If you would like us to maintain your First Aid Kit supplies now, please contact us. First Aid Kit maintenance will allow for a prepared first aid environment.