Portable_Power_B_Systems All Safe specialise in the safety inspection and testing of Single & Three Phase electrical equipment as well as Fixed and Portable RCD’s.

RCD’s (Residual Current Device) detect a difference in the electrical current travelling through the RCD. Once this imbalance is recognised the RCD disconnects the power within 10 to 50 milliseconds, preventing electrocution, fire or even death.

Perth RCD testing needs to be conducted and reported according to AS/NZS 3760. Systems All Safe will test all RCD’s at your work place to ensure that your RCD’s operate within the required reaction time. Landlords are required to regularly test the RCD’s of the properties they rent out.

Details from the new 2010 standard require leakage testing to now become mandatory if the equipment has an electronic switch.

These standards are designed to prevent electrocution and save lives.

RCD’s monitor the flow of electricity from the main switchboard and prevent electrocution by cutting the electricity supply if an imbalance in the current is detected/sensed.

But here’s the problem, Yes, physically tripping the circuit by pushing the TEST button will show the RCD trips, but is it fast enough to meet the standard?

This is where Systems All Safe testing equipment will time how fast your RCD’s trip-out and ensures your RCD’s meet the legislation; we then provide a record of these results.

Perth RCD testing can be conducted at all times to allow for minimal disturbance to your organisation.