Systems All Safe can Map/Ledger your RCD’s with all your GPOs outlets.

RCD Mapping / ledgering is the process of recording all General Power Outlets (GPO’s) to the correct RCD on the Distribution board. This is done by tripping each GPO in the facility and marking it with the correlating RCD on the distribution board.

This will improve the time it takes to maintain your electrical equipment. RCD mapping / ledgering will inform your staff of GPO’s that are not RCD protected, and in emergencies to know which distribution board and RCD may need to be turned off to prevent electrocution, injury, fire, or even death.

Systems All Safe can test and tag your RCD’s as annually required, then map all your GPO’s. We will provide you with a detailed report both on the distribution board and in a PDF format to assist you in auditing and reporting for your business.

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RCD Tag with Trip Time & Next Test Date

RCD Tag with Trip Time & Next Test Date

DB ledger good

RCD Mapping Ledger connected to GPO’s