Thermal Imaging – Thermography, is a process of taking a picture and mapping the temperatures at each point in the picture. This process is a very important preventative maintenance measure that can detect parts of equipment that are overheating and faulty, saving large amounts of time and money to organisations that use this services regularly to prevent equipment from failing. Many insurance companies will reduce premiums if thermal imaging is done annually on equipment. Check with your insurance company for extra benefits.

These are some of the many images that can be seen through a thermal imaging camera

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Hot spots on Electrical Equipment

These are just some of the uses of thermal imaging:


  • Over heating & faulty Circuit Breakers
  • Bearings that are wearing out
  • Leaking pipes in walls
  • Motorized equipment for overheating
  • Much more.



Systems All Safe technicians use the highest quality thermal imaging cameras.

This Flir E60 meets the Australian Standard for thermal imaging quality and has the MSX feature.

MXS allows the digital outline to overlap on to the thermal image to show greater detail of the equipment that is being inspected.

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Disclaimer: Images for illustrative purposes only and may not be representative of the actual resolution of the camera shown