FAQ – About Test and Tag Services

Do I have to Test and Tag all my Electrical Equipment?


Test and tag of electrical equipment  is essential to the safety of your workplace. Test and tag ensures that equipment is inspected for faults to prevent electrocution, death, and fire’s.

OH&S Act 1984 –Sect 19 says; all businesses are required to provide and maintain a safe working environment.

Australian Businesses are required to adopt AS/NZS 3012. Regulations 3.60 and 4.37 referrers to all other workplaces and the OH&S responsibility to provide and maintain a safe electrical workplace, through testing, checking and inspecting the electrical equipment

AS/NZS 3760 is the standard that business must follow to be completely compliant to their electrical OH&S obligations. This shows that all electrical equipment needs to be tested and tagged to ensure that it is safe.

Don’t worry, all your equipment does not need to be test and tag every 3 months. Some equipment is test and tag every 5 years. To allow for the safest work environment, Systems All Safe can come out and visit you to discuss the regularity of your equipment and the importance of testing and tagging.

Why do I have to test and tag my fire equipment?

Portable fire equipment includes: Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, & Fire Hose Reels.

This fire equipment like all equipment in workplaces wear out or are sometimes faulty, due to use, or unforeseen events. When a fire emergency occurs, you will want the equipment to work to the best of its ability.

Because wear and tear occurs a trained technician must inspect and test and tag all of this equipment, to ensure that it is ready to use at anytime. Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets are test and tag every 6 months. Fire Hose Reels are tested and tagged every 12 months.

Whats involved in Fire Equipment Maintenance?

Fire Equipment maintenance includes the process of test and tag.

1. Visual inspection – To ensure no damage, wear and tear will impede the functionality of the equipment.

2. Content test – To ensure that there has been no leaks and has enough content to use on a fire.

3. Correct signage – To meet Australian Standards, being able to be seen from required distances.

4. Correct equipment – The correct fire equipment must be located in the correct positions for specific fire risks.

Systems All Safe will ensure that your Fire Equipment will be maintained.

What types of reports do I receive?

All clients receive detail reports on test and tag services. We will provide you with a PDF version for your records. We will also keep a record for up to 1 years after the items test and tag period has expired.

Here is an example report of electrical test and tag services.

Thermal Imaging reports are extremely high quality with HD images for all equipment imaged. This includes a diagnosis of heat maps within in each image.

Please see here an example Thermal Image report.

How often should I Thermal Image my equipment?

Regularity of Thermal Imaging depends on 2 variables.

More information coming soon.